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I completed -

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London - Edinburgh - London in 2017

Paris - Brest - Paris in 2019

Below are some of the main differences:

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PBP - entry €130,  everything else is pay as you go

LEL - £350, all inclusive


PBP - 1200k. Course undulates throughout

LEL - 1500k. 500k is flat, one large climb, rest is scenic


PBP - 11,000m - 33,000ft

LEL - 12,000m - 36,000ft


PBP - 80h, 84h or 90h. You must decide upon application

LEL - 125h

PBP 2023

...the 27th time since 1891...

18th June 2023 – Pre-registered riders must begin full registration process.

2nd July 2023 – Qualifying closes for all. 

18th-19th August 2023 – Riders must check-in before the event at Bergerie Nationale, at the start in Rambouillet.  

20th August 2023 – Event start.


PBP - Each control must be reached by the standard audax time limits

LEL - Complete within the total 125h time limit. At each control you will be informed whether or not you are ahead or behind schedule


PBP - Very well sign posted, helped by spectators lining the route. No GPS necessary

LEL - No signage, very few spectators. Assume a GPS is necessary for the entire route


PBP - Thousand of people line the route. The whole event is buzzing with energy and for this reason alone, it is worth taking part in PBP. 8000 participants

LEL - Traditional audax set up. Few people are around, outside the controls. 1800 participants


PBP - No official system although some companies offer a service (US audax group?)

LEL - 2 bag drops are included in the price. You can decided at which control these are dropped


PBP - Controls are schools and the gym is offered as a place to sleep

LEL - Controls are schools and the gym is offered as a place to sleep


PBP - The cafeteria at the control offers hot food and snacks. Long queues. Worth investigating eating outside the controls

LEL - Buffet food is available at each control. Good standard. No queues


PBP - Available at each control. Pay for a towel

LEL - Available at each control

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